Map based on Mercator's projection by James Wyld

Map based on Mercator’s projection by James Wyld, c. 1861. See sizes and prices below. 

The Map Room Gallery was created as an annex to our  framing business,  Artisan’s Art & Frame, in Washington, D.C. Due to the fact there was not enough room at Artisans for the large wall maps in our collection  (such as Greenwood’s giant map of London,  84 x 62 inches), we opened up the smaller “Map Room” as a space to display some of the framed maps and other artwork that we offer for sale.

Many of the original antique maps were brought over from Europe (London, Paris and Venice)  and have been restored by professional conservators. Light and heat can often be an issue with works on paper so it is important to have them cleaned before framing.

We also offer museum-quality reprints of some of the more popular maps to satisfy a growing number of interior design clients who need framed pieces of art  for commercial spaces that are not suitable for rare and delicate  works.

Our reprinted maps are made with light-resistant ink and printed onto archival paper. The map sections are then laid onto cloth so that the maps can be folded and placed into slip covers or framed to display in one’s home or office. Most of the reprinted maps can be ordered in the following sizes:

Small: 15 x 21 inches : $25.00

Medium: 36 x 26 inches: $75.00

Standard: 23.5 x 33 inches: $225.00

Large: 48 x 34 inches : $475.00

Some of the bespoke maps, like the one below, are only available in one size: 75 x 42 inches.

A large wall map of Europe, 75 x 42 inches , $375

A large wall map of Europe, reprint of the original from c. 1844 by James Wyld. 75 x 42 inches , $375



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