World map, c. 1861

17 Apr

World map, c. 1861

View of the world based on Gerard Mercator’s projection. Mercator (1512-1594) was a cartographer, philosopher and mathematician who is widely known today for having created a world map in 1569 that used straight lines to depict sailing courses of constant bearing.

Our map is a high-quality reprint an original map by James Wyld, a successful map publisher in London during the mid 1800’s.

The pigments used are light-fast to prevent the colors from fading. Because each segment is laid on a durable cloth, the map folds into a slip case and can be sent as a gift unframed.

Please specify size when ordering.

15 x 21 inches, $25.00
36 x 26 inches, $ 75.00
23.5 x 33 inches, $225.00
48 x 33 inches, $475.00


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